Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AKA What I Love Wednesday!!! I am happy to announce that every Wednesday I am going to post a few items that I am currently loving and obsessing over! Anything from fashion, food, inspiration, music, other blogs...anything really. Here are a few of my favourite things right now...

The Midi Skirt
I absolutely love this trend! With the right shoe, anyone of any height can pull this look off...ASOS Curve has some really great choices, check it out here and here.

Shop Orange Boutique
I am about to hit the land of Micky Mouse and in my research I found Shop Orange Boutique, an online plus size boutique based out of Orlando, Florida. Check out their amazing selection, I have not bought anything from there (yet), but it does say they ship internationally. I am currently obsessing over this kimono!

Favourite Blogger of the week...
I am currently loving what The Curvy Fashionista has to say about plus size fashion. She recently posted about something that I know all too much about...being an in-betweenie. Check out the article here.

Have a good long weekend everyone.
- Jana - 

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