The Dominican Republic

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

As I start to prepare for my second trip to the Caribbean this winter (I know...I am super lucky to take two trips in one winter) I can't help but think of my first trip. In November my fiancé (how fun is that to say now?!) and I were lucky enough to witness two friends say 'I Do' in the beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This was my first trip to anywhere in the Caribbean and I will never forget it!! The water, the sunrise, the heat, the company...all were pretty amazing!!

I think that we grew gills while we were there because we were in the water 90% of the day time. Pool and/or ocean we were always swimming or floating. Every since Gabi of GabiFresh posted other blog about herself in what she calls the 'fatkini'  back in 2012 I have been inspired to try the look. I was finally brave enough on day 3 of vacation. I hadn't worn a two piece bikini for almost 10 years!!! I found this one at Penningtons, but have also seen them at Additionelle and online there is a GabiFresh for Swim Sexy line. I love how it fits like a bra so you have proper support and the bottoms are high waisted. 

What does one where to a tropical wedding?! Something bright and colourful!!! And something that breathes, which unfortunately this material did not. Regardless, I thought it was a fun dress to wear. It's an oldie from ASOS Curve.

We woke up bright and early one day to watch the sunrise on the beach. It was so beautiful and worth the early wake up call on vacation!

Evenings were spent being entertained at the theatre and sitting in the lobby with such a great group of people! I loved this outfit in particular, both the skirt and shirt are summer items from Old Navy, the necklace is an old H&M gem, a Coach wristlet and Target sandals. (PS...I am going to miss Target here in Canada, especially since they JUST launched a new Plus Size line!)

 Here's just a few more pics from hanging out at the beach! I picked up this cute swim cover in the summer from H&M.

Ahhh...just looking at some pictures again brings back such good memories! 
- Jana - 

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