The Engagement

Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's hard to believe that one simple swipe of a finger a year ago would change my life forever! That's right yesterday was our one year "Swipe-iversary" when we both swiped to the right on a little matchmaking app known as Tinder. Who would have thought that a simple move would match me with my soulmate?! I won't get too gushy lovey dovey here but I feel blessed to have Jody in my life and I truly believe fate brought us together....awwwww. So I thought today would be a great time to share the story of our engagement! 

A little preface here... Jody and I went shopping for rings together and once we agreed on "the ring" I knew it would happen soon. We had actually already booked a venue for New Years Eve 2015.  Which might sound crazy to some, but for us we just knew we couldn't lose a good venue and that we wanted to get married on NYE. The only thing missing was the official proposal...

Like I mentioned I knew it was going to happen soonish, but how soon I had no clue! A week? A month? Over the holidays? A random night? Believe me when I say I HAD NO CLUE! Leading up to Christmas Jody was so relaxed and chill...showing absolutely no signs that anything was about to go down. Christmas Eve we went to church with my family, had birthday cake for my cousin and then didn't get home till after 11pm. We planned to open up our gifts to each other that night so we sat next to the tree and did just that. He spoiled me like crazy and again was so friggin' calm I had no clue what was about to come next...

 Just before opening gifts on Christmas Eve. 

He told me to close my eyes as he had one more gift for me. He had explained earlier that growing up his dad had always closed his eyes and tried to guess what the gift was before he would open it. He simply said that he wanted to carry on that tradition with us...I should have clued in here but I didn't! I closed my eyes and he put this square, plastic feeling thing in my hands. He told me to guess...markers? A clutch? A pencil case? 

Then he said open your eyes... There in my hands was a Kate Spade (my fave handbag designer) clutch that looks like a book and says "Marry Me My Love". I looked up and said "really?!"  He nodded and said "yeah" that's when the tears started! I opened up the clutch and there propped inside was the sparkliest ring I have ever seen! More crying and some nervous laughs lead to me standing and Jody getting on his knee to ask me the most important question of our lives! We got engaged just after midnight so it was technically Christmas morning and a moment I will never forget.

 The Kate Spade clutch and my new ring!

Jody has the most ridiculous attention to detail. I had pointed out the clutch months prior in one of my web browsing sessions saying it would be cute to use in engagement pics! He bought it immediately while I was clueless sitting next to him on the couch and kept it in hiding till the proposal. 

 Moments after the proposal, clearly excited!

Needless to say I was WAY too excited to sleep that night. We spent the next few days with family and it was so much fun stopping people in their tracks to flash them the ring and share our good news!!! I seriously would love to do that all over again it was so fun. 

Now we get to plan our wedding and our lives together! All I can say is sometimes you just need to follow your heart and it usually knows what you need. I needed to swipe right a year ago and start our journey. First as a long distance relationship, to living together, to now engaged! It's been a whirl wind of a year, but I wouldn't change a thing! 

We went out to celebrate recently together and I thought it was perfect time to use my new clutch.

Hope you enjoyed our proposal story
 - Jana -

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