Mac Lipstick and Meghan Trainor's Bass

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

And...I'm back! I have been some what under the weather lately, yup got strep throat in the summer, but I am on the mend and needed to share some things that I am loving right now! 

MAC Lipstick
I recently walked into MAC to get some powder and as per usual my eyes went to the lipstick. Normally I can resist, but this time I could not...I came away with two new colours and I am loving them. Pictured below is new Mineralize Rich 'Splurge'. The other colour is a matte be seen soon ;).

Meghan Trainor
I heard this song a while back, immediately bought it on iTunes and have been obsessed every since. Not only is it extremely catchy and give way to a cool motown beat (my fave!) but it also has a very important message in it... 
"I'm here to tell you that,

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!" 
Could not have said it better...enjoy the video. 

Till next time

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